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Thursdays from 12pm – 2pm.

Harcourt Street Archives - Irish Farmers Markets

This old railway station’s archways have been transformed by an exciting Farmer’s Market. Nestled under the arches, a new and exciting food venue has emerged right in the centre of Dublin. This market is not to be missed.

The Chieftain’s Cut

Using only the finest locally-sourced beef, lamb, and venison, the Chieftain’s Cut celebrates wild and free Irish meat.

The Paella Guys

Delicious paella and more-ish Moorish meatballs! The Paella Guys was started up in 2009 by Ian Marconi, a chef who learned his trade working for restaurants Moro and St John’s Catering in London. Winners of … Continue reading

Mango Gourmet Burgers

Mango Gourmet specialises in 100% Irish gourmet beef burgers. Possibly the best Burgers ever!!!

Frank’s German Sausages

Where does the word Bratwurst come from? One theory is that brat is an Old High German word (spoken between the 9th and 11th centuries) that means ‘meat without waste’. Wurst means sausage and probably comes … Continue reading


Paula brings her expertise at baking and mixs it with a little family magic to bring you Ireland’s first cupcake bakery. The results can only be described as spectacular! Cakes, macaroons, and other fine treats … Continue reading