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Six Clear Benefits of Farmers Markets

It’s no exaggeration to say that our markets hold near-limitless benefits for their local area.

Here are just a few:

  • Our markets bring depth of profile to a locality. They attract new visitors and tourists to areas that might otherwise not hold an appeal.
  • Our markets offer immediate visibility to an area in need of retail regeneration. The visual feast on display at our markets is extremely media-friendly. Starting a local market is a great way for your area to attract press attention.
  • Our markets are community-based enterprises. They bring the community together by creating a meeting space, helping local employment levels and aiding footfall and cashflow for local shops.
  • Our markets give small businesses a crucial first step-up. Irish Farmers Markets Ltd. maintains a database of over 2,000 stallholders from across the country. Many successful businesses received their first opportunity at one of our markets.
  • Our markets boast a unique atmosphere. Customers can talk directly to food producers and build strong relationships. Our experience shows that these bonds are no fad. The same customers come week-in, week-out to their favourite stalls over the course of years.
  • Our markets leave no trace – they are temporary in nature and normally require neither planning nor major capital investment.

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